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womens waterproof puffer jacket with hood

long winter puffer jacket women's

 Introducing womens waterproof puffer jacket with hood - a stylish and comfortable addition to your winter wardrobe. These jackets are designed to keep you warm and fashionable in the cold months.

Puffer Jacket: Our puffer jacket is the perfect choice for colder days.

Jackets for Women: These jackets are designed for women who appreciate both style and comfort.

Black Puffer Jacket: Make a bold fashion statement with our sleek black puffer jacket.

Long Ultralight Slim Down Jacket: This jacket is not only warm but also incredibly light and thin.

Puffer Jacket Women: Designed with women in mind, these puffer jackets offer a flattering look.

Down Jackets: These jackets have high quality down insulation to provide maximum warmth.

Women's Puffer Jacket: Up your winter fashion game with our women's puffer jackets.

Best Down Jackets: SEDUTMO offers some of the best down jackets in the market.

Slim Removable Hooded Parka ED1275: This parka, with its removable hood, adds versatility to your winter wardrobe (model ED1275).

Down Jackets Women: Our down jackets cater to women's specific needs and preferences.

Winter Women's Down Jackets Long Ultralight Thin Comfortable Coat: Stay warm and stylish with our long, ultralight, thin, and comfortable coat.

Puffer Jacket Slim Remove Hooded Parka ED1275: Keep it slim and chic with our Puffer Jacket that features a removable hood (model ED1275).

Winter Casual Coat Puffer Jacket: The perfect blend of style and warmth for your winter adventures.

SEDUTMO Winter Women's Puffer Jackets

They are light and comfortable to wear

One of the main advantages of Puffer jackets is that they are very light and comfortable to wear . When a person looks for a jacket, they not only focus on protecting them from the cold, to look for the best jacket against the cold it is necessary that it be comfortable and light to be able to use it daily.

They are waterproof and  dry.

Another important advantage of these jackets against the cold is that they are waterproof and at the same time dry quickly. This is important since autumn, winter, and spring are times when rain is very present. A work garment that protects you from the rain and that can also be used again quickly is a great benefit. It is important to know the type of work jacket for each sector.

 You can read about the waterproof clothing we have in our online catalog. You can also know the difference between waterproof clothing and water-resistant clothing.

 How should I care for my down jacket?

How do I wash and dry it?

Before drying, wash at 30 degrees using Nikwax or Grangers down the wash, ensuring all zippers and snaps are closed.

To properly dry your item, you ideally need to use a front-loading household dryer and some old tennis balls.

Place your item in the dryer and let it run on low for 2 to 4 hours; You may need more if it is a very large or bulky item.

Once it's running, remove the item every 30 minutes or so and manually break up any clumps with your fingers to ensure the down is evenly distributed around the item's baffles.

You will know that your jacket is completely dry when the down inside it completely rises to its state before washing. Keep in mind that even if the outside of the jacket is dry, the inside may not be.

Once dry, do not store your down item compressed.

For more information and tips on cleaning and storing down, follow the advice of some of the leading down suppliers:

Do feathers show through my jacket?

If you are experiencing this, there is no need to worry, it is perfectly normal. Because down filaments compress so little, they can force their way through small holes in the seams of a jacket. It's also possible that some of the jacket's non-down feather content has a sharp edge capable of piercing through the ultralight outer fabric.

If you see any down or a feather poking through the fabric, do not pull it through the fabric. Try tucking the down or feather back into the jacket and then gently rub the area between your fingers. Gently rubbing the area where the down or feather was poking out will move the threads of the fabric again, which will help seal the small hole that has formed.

My down jacket has a fill rate, what does this mean?

Both goose and duck down are tested and graded for quality using a "fill power." It's pretty simple: you put a gram of down in a tube and the fluffier it is, the greater the fill power. Fluffy down traps more air and therefore provides insulation and warmth. As such, a gram of 800 down will "fluff" more than 600 fill, providing more warmth per gram of down.

The warmth of a jacket will also depend on the amount of down it has. The more down it contains, the warmer the jacket will be!

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