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Here Are The Ancient Types of Rakhis People Used


Raksha Bandhan, also known as Rakhi, is a traditional Hindu festival that celebrates the bond of love between siblings. On this happy day, sisters tie a holy thread called a Rakhi around the wrists of their brothers to show how much they love, protect, and care for each other. While modern Rakhis come in various designs and styles, it is fascinating to explore the ancient types of Rakhis that were prevalent in different regions and eras. This article will delve into the rich history and diverse forms of ancient Rakhis, showcasing their cultural significance. You can buy rakhi online like these and send them to your near and dear ones.

Here Are The Ancient Types of Rakhis People Used

The Sacred Thread of Love

The Rakhi itself holds immense significance. It is not just a piece of thread but a sacred bond that strengthens the relationship between brothers and sisters. The Rakhi symbolizes the sister's prayers for her brother's well-being and the brother's promise to protect his sister from all adversities. As time passed, the design and materials used to make Rakhis evolved, resulting in a wide array of ancient Rakhis showcasing India's cultural diversity.

Silk Thread Rakhis

Rakhis are intricately woven using colorful silk threads. They exhibit a vibrant and elegant appeal, making them a popular choice during Raksha Bandhan. The silk threads symbolize the strength and beauty of the sibling bond.

Sandalwood Rakhis

These are crafted using fragrant sandalwood beads or carved sandalwood pieces. These Rakhis emit a pleasant aroma and are believed to have a calming effect. Sandalwood Rakhis are highly regarded for their spiritual significance.

Rudraksha Rakhis

Rudraksha Rakhis feature beads made from the seeds of the Rudraksha tree. Hindu mythology considers These beads sacred and is believed to bring protection and good fortune. Rudraksha Rakhis are known for their spiritual and divine aura.

Silver Rakhis

Silver Rakhis showcase intricate silver designs and patterns. They are often embellished with semi-precious stones, adding a touch of elegance to the sacred thread. Silver Rakhis are cherished as heirlooms and are passed down through generations.

Pearl Rakhis

Pearl Rakhis exudes grace and elegance with their lustrous pearls. They are delicately crafted, and the pearls symbolize purity, love, and beauty. Pearl Rakhis are perfect for adding a touch of sophistication to the festival.

Floral Rakhis

Botanical Rakhis are made utilizing normal or counterfeit blossoms unpredictably organized to shape a delightful plan. These Rakhis radiate a new and dynamic air, catching the embodiment of nature's excellence.

Gold Rakhis

Gold Rakhis are an image of plushness and loftiness. They are created with gold strings, frequently embellished with valuable gemstones. Gold rakhis are regarded as auspicious and symbolize wealth and prosperity.

Zardosi Rakhis The intricate embroidery work on Zardosi rakhis is done with golden or silver threads. They are known for their ornate and opulent appeal, showcasing traditional Indian craftsmanship.

Beaded Rakhis

Beaded Rakhis consolidate different brilliant dots, making an outwardly engaging plan. These Rakhis are famous among kids and are known for their lively and dynamic appearance.

Gemstone Rakhis

Gemstone Rakhis feature gemstones like emeralds, rubies, sapphires, or diamonds embedded in the design. These Rakhis are believed to possess healing properties and are regarded as precious tokens of love.

Kundan Rakhis

Kundan Rakhis showcase the intricate art of Kundan jewelry. They are crafted with precious, semi-precious stones set in gold foil, creating a majestic and regal look.

Peacock Feather Rakhis

Peacock Feather Rakhis embrace the natural beauty of peacock feathers. The vibrant colors and intricate patterns of peacock feathers make these Rakhis visually captivating and unique.

Bracelet Rakhis

Bracelet Rakhis are designed like ornate bracelets, showcasing elaborate patterns and designs. They are durable and can be worn as fashionable accessories after the festival.

Terracotta Rakhis

Terracotta Rakhis are handcrafted using clay and molded into various shapes and designs. These Rakhis have an earthy appeal and represent traditional Indian artistry.

Rudraksha-Sandalwood Combo Rakhis

Rudraksha-Sandalwood Combo Rakhis combine the sacredness of Rudraksha beads with the soothing aroma of sandalwood. This combination creates a harmonious blend of spiritual significance and tranquility.

Significance of Ancient Rakhis

The ancient types of Rakhis hold cultural and spiritual significance. They represent the diverse traditions and artistic heritage of India. Every kind of Rakhi carries its unique symbolism, allowing individuals to choose the one that resonates with their beliefs and preferences. These Rakhis strengthen the bond between siblings and reflect the deep-rooted customs passed down through generations.


Raksha Bandhan is a joyous celebration that brings siblings closer and reinforces their love for each other. Exploring the ancient types of Rakhis online adds depth and richness to this cherished festival. From silk thread Rakhis to terracotta Rakhis, each variety showcases India's creativity, spirituality, and cultural diversity. As we celebrate Raksha Bandhan, let us embrace the significance of these ancient Rakhis and cherish the timeless bond between siblings.

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